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Happy Mother's Day! #beachyoga #wpb

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I'm an expert at falling. I really am. ๐Ÿ˜Š Learning how to fall can release you from fear … This is true in life too. Learning to be ok with failing and accepting that it's part of the process can really make you love your life and be grateful for everything and everyone. I learned a lesson today out on the water. This video was after being stuck for 2 hours in a rip current and heavy wind with my family. I don't quite know what happened but we were not moving forward and being pushed the wrong direction. We had to eventually ask for a boat to rescue us because my 8 year old refused to paddle and quite frankly I didn't blame him. My other son who is only 9, was miles away from us and at one point I couldn't see him and didn't know if he was ok. #mothersnightmare I learned that there is nothing more important than my family. I learned that nothing means anything to me without them. My husband is a hero and I don't know how I was so blessed to do life with him. Tell your family today how much you love them. No matter what kind of day you are having. ๐Ÿ’— @inlovewithbeachyogagirl thanks for doing the crazy life with me. I appreciate & love you. 143

A video posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

Hang out with people who inspire you. Thanks @rennaj1 for your awesome spirit. I love you. ๐Ÿ’—#acroyoga

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